Pesticides, Herbicides and Weed Science


Education and Employment

I hold a Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences (Botany) and acquired my D.Sc. within the area of herbicide selectivity.I currently hold the positions:

Professor Emeritus of Weed Science at the Faculty Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (UCPH).
Honorary and Distinguished Professor at the University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Ardabil, Iran (UMA)

Research and Expertise

My major research is in the area of herbicide selectivity, joint action of pesticide mixtures and ecotoxicology of pesticides. I also have worked with genetically modified crops and risk assessment. I have been involved in various national and international projects within my area of agricultural research and have had assignments in Africa and Asia. My teaching is primarily in Weed and Crop Science and pesticide use mode of action and ecotoxicology. I am a member of European Weed Research Society and served for 15 years as editor of Weed Research and three years as subject editor of Crop Protection. I held the office of Scientific Secretary for the European Weed Research Society (EWRS) for eight years.


I am a technical adviser for IDEA Tropical a leading provider of research and consulting services in weed management and herbicides for tropical crops. Board member of the board of Agrolab AS that is the leading research organisation in the EU north zone with experience dating back to 1984. Since then, Agrolab has successfully helped companies, by testing, developing and registering plant protection products in the EU (1107/2009).